HERE are some early excerpts from what customers are saying about The A&O Sub...

"As a new recruit to the A&O I'd like to add my appreciation the many others; it just goes to show that good things come in small packages. I've only done the first couple of runs but I'm already hooked. Thank you Andre and Gaeton for 185MB of total immersion!"

"Having run the first (3) student runs and Activity 4, I'm totally blown-away by the A&O... The sound of the Alco 251 is infectious; I've found Run 4 and Run 6 an especially great sound!... I've been a devoted steam fan (the StL&NA got me back into MSTS), but running the A&O could convert me from a steam fan to a diesel fan!"

"Your Route and Locos look A W E S O M E!!! Never had that much fun with a MSTS route! Thanks very much!"

"This iteration of the StL&NA is incredible! Listen to those Alcos tearing themselves apart! Wonderful. Like the C420s and the T6. LOVE the RS1! The handling on the Alcos is super. The engines are very responsive (they always did like to scoot) and the dynamics make the hills smooth right out. Fun to run. Gaetan did a great job! Thanks for another super route! This thing just feels railroad!"

"Mighty fine job...this route is GREAT...ran it for 6 hours last night....Wife got REAL mad....The combination of your route and Gaetan's Alcos makes for an absorbing time.....(Man, those 6 hours went by fast!!!)Great Job!!!"

To view screen shots taken by customers, simply click the links below!

Click here to see customer screens of the A&O!

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AVAILABLE NOW! The A&O SUB! Alco's and the Ozarks in 1988! Purchase it here!

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