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Coming From DLW... The COLORADO MIDLAND Pack.

From the fascinating era of the 1890's, DLW and VSC will bring to the hobby of V scale the spectacular Colorado Midland Equipment Pack. Few railroads have attained the status and mystique like the most famous and well known of all Colorado standard gauge roads: The Colorado Midland.


The Colorado Midland Equipment Pack will not just be steam engines assembled that merely resemble the equipment of the CM. Jon Davis' first interest is preserving railroading history. In that respect, Jon has been researching colors, details... all the finer aspects of modeling that make his work stand out as some of the most accurate models available for V scale.

How accurate?

VSC has been in contact with a portion of the Colorado Midland's historical following via a dedicated Colorado Midland email list. Upon receiving an early pilot model from Jon Davis, pictures were supplied to the discerning body of Colorado Midland historians for input. The overwhelming response was: This is the most accurate rendition of a CM locomotive ever produced, in any medium. Period.

VSC has the fullest confidence that the CM locomotive and equipment roster will be a most accurate model representation of CM, for that is a signature of Jon Davis and his work.

The Colorado Midland Pack includes:

* CM 2-8-0 #1, CM 2-8-0 #7, CM 4-6-0 #18, CM 4-6-0 #25, CM 4-6-0 #42, CM 0-6-0 #100

* Passenger Coach and Baggage Car.

* 6 CM Boxcars in both loaded and empty versions for a total of 12 variations.

* 3 CM Flatcars modeled as: Empty, Tie load, Timber load, Rock load, Rail load for a total of 15 flat car variations.

* CM Gondola modeled as: Empty, Ballast load, Coal load for a total of 3 variations.

* 3 CM Stock Cars modeled as empty and loaded with cattle, for a total of 6 variations.

* CM long caboose numbers 407 and 409.

* CM short caboose number 417.


Click on the thumbnails below to see early production views of a small portion of the the equipment!

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