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From Davis Locomotive Works: The North Arkansas Pack...

The NA Pack is the first release from DLW and was created exclusively for VSC by Master Modeler Jon Davis. The NA Pack is an assemblege of locomotives, rolling stock, and passenger equipment aimed primarily at supplying prototypically accurate equipment for the North Arkansas route. Of course, these masterful creations can be enjoyed by anyone with a love for steam on their own favorite route. That is a wonderful aspect about MSTS!

The NA Pack moves forward 1 year to the year 1903. Such a move in time will encompass several more St Louis & North Arkansas locomotives that the StLNA acquired during that time.

The locomotives contained in the NA Pack are based on prototype references, as well as the passenger equipment. The locomotives and passenger equipment of the NA Pack are modeled as accurately as can be determined using the data sources available. The rolling stock is based on prototype information for the types of cars depicted, and lettered in keeping with the region and era. The NA Pack is virtual history before your eyes, resurrected over 100 years later by the magic of MSTS!

Included in the NA Pack: 8 locomotives, 6 cabooses (with interior Passenger View), 7 boxcars, 12 flat cars, 5 gondolas, 5 refrigerator cars, 1 cattle/stock car, 1 tank car, 1 auxiliary water car, 5 passenger coaches (with interior Passenger View) and 3 passenger Combines. There are loaded and empty versions of each car, along with modeled loads where applicable. (The flats and gondolas.) An incredible value at only $20.00 (US)!

Below you will find thumbnails illustrating a portion of the content of the StLNA Equipment Pack. Just click on a pic to view one fullsize!

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