AVAILABLE NOW! The North Arkansas! Steam and the Ozarks in 1902! Purchase it here!

From VSC's Iron Horse Series: The North Arkansas...


The St. Louis & North Arkansas route is based on the prototype by the same name during the years 1902-1903. It is modeled at the time that the prototype St. Louis & North Arkansas was expanding southeastward toward its eventual destination of Helena, Arkansas. Though the final remnant of the prototype finally died in 1960 - 1961, through the magic of MSTS... the North Arkansas lives and breathes again!

When released, the North Arkansas route broke new ground for MSTS in the commercial realm. For the first time ever, an exclusively steam powered US-based route was offered during an era never tackled before. Now, after more than six months of release, the StLNA route has carved out a following that has thoroughly enjoyed the new and different experience the North Arkansas provides. The North Arkansas continues to sell to this day!


Expansion! It's boomtime in the Ozarks as the StLNA is building south and eastward! There's the hustle and bustle of moving freight to the construction distribution centers as well as maintaining a flow of freight to the commerce centers of the Ozarks. That's what the the North Arkansas is all about!

There are over 35 miles of mainline track. One branch line is about 2 miles in length, another about 3 miles. Many customers are along the route, as well as some very interesting switching in the larger of the towns.


Thoroughly enjoyable! Many satisfied customers report that the 23 activities suppled with the route are the highlight of the product. That was intentional, as VSC feels a route should have much entertainment value and be very enjoyable to operate. There are at least 30-40 hours of entertainment contained in the activities supplied with the North Arkansas.

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AVAILABLE NOW! The North Arkansas! Steam in the Ozarks in 1902! Purchase it here!

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